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Sydney Conveyancing and Property Law Services

Our property lawyers and conveyancers have been conducting property transactions and practising property law for over 40 years. Our Sydney CBD based property law team have a broad range of experience, from simple residential property conveyancing to compulsory acquisition and complex property developments.

We provide a premium property conveyancing service for our clients covering residential, commercial and industrial properties in Sydney, wider NSW and Queensland.

Our Expertise

property conveyancing lawyers in Sydney

Our property law and conveyancing experience equals piece of mind.

Whether it’s buying your first home or investment property, or simply the latest addition to your property portfolio, our property law team will ensure you have an efficient, seamless and stress-free experience. Our lawyers and conveyancers will advocate for you every step of the way, from initial discussions and communicating with other stakeholders, right through to settlement day.

Our conveyancer settled over $200 million in property transactions in 2015 alone.

Although it’s easy to find a conveyancer on the cheap, the surest way to protect your investment is to engage our team of experienced lawyers and conveyancers to do the work.

With the median house price in Sydney topping over $1,300,000 in 2023, for many people, purchasing a property will be the single biggest transaction they will undertake in their lifetimes. Even if this is not your first purchase, your property investments are your most valuable assets.

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